Gong medizen: full moon gong bath

Amir Jaan
For all levels
thu 19 september 2013 8.00pm – 10.00pm

Many people feel the energy of the Full Moon. It is thought to be a highly charged time, but also one of balance. What’s particularly interesting to note is that during the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposite Zodiac signs – although despite being opposites, the solar yang and the lunar yin are in harmony. During this time, the Moon has been waxing (increasing), and if you set New Moon intentions you should now be in a good position to act upon them!

As The Full Moon draws up the high tides of the oceans, it also draws up the tides of our emotions, bringing to the surface what may have been suppressed by circumstance or social etiquette. But as the Full Moon reveals what has been hiding in the shadows of our hearts and minds, there can be epiphanies about things that were vague ideas at the New Moon.

Full Moon is a time invite transformation, with tangible actions, and the Full Moon Gong Bath is a ritual that signifies that you’re ready to integrate your intent.

Amir Jaan was classically trained in the spiritual Art of Kundalini Yoga at SKY (the School of Kundalini Yoga) under the close observations of a host of world renowned and internationally revered Guru mentors such as Guru Dharam Singh, Shiv Charan Singh, Darryl O’Keefe and Bridget Layton Minor. Having conducted thousands of public and private classes in London and across the world, Amir brings a reassuring calmness into any learning environment, be it a group or one-to-one. Even with a busy teaching schedule Amir remains an integral part of the Kundalini fraternity in London and across the United Kingdom. He works closely with his mentors and students to extend the reach and scope of this technology.

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