Internal Alignment: Cultivating Prana and Apana for a Stronger Practice

  • Elinore_Burke

Elinore Burke,
24 November 2013
Open to all levels except complete beginners
Maximum participants: 27

The practice of yoga enables one to access and expand the energy originating at the core of the body. Prana is the upward flowing, expansive energy, characteristic of inhaling, which is similar to the growth of plants or flowers blooming. Apana is the downward moving energy, rooting one with the exhalation, like tree roots burrowing into the ground. These energies are complementary and can enable the practitioner to achieve a more comfortable and stable pose, an important aspect to yoga practice. It is easy to lose connection with the movement of these energies as we push ourselves into challenging asanas.

This workshop will look at how to create a strong internal foundation using prana and apana in order to develop strong, supported poses. Working with bandhas and the breath, we will explore these energy flows in Sun Salutations and poses taken from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

This workshop is open to everyone except complete beginners. One need not be practicing Ashtanga to participate in and gain insight from this workshop.

Event Categories: All events and Asana workshopEvent Style: Ashtanga and Vinyasa

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